A unique approach

Ama Partners advises on equity transactions, for small and mid-sized companies, in all sectors, at all stages of business.

With its expertise in financial engineering and structuring, Ama Partners offers the most suitable solution for sale, acquisition, capital reorganization or fundraising transactions.

Ama Partners' mastery of each stage of the process means that managers can continue their business while benefiting from the best market opportunities


Sell-side advice

Technical and personalized support throughout the transaction for the partial or total sale of a company, a subsidiary or branch of activity, the transfer of shares or business assets.

Ama Partners prepares all the documentation required for a successful deal. The firm seeks all counterparties, including those with whom synergies are least obvious. Ama Partners also identifies potential buyers whose alignment of interests is clear, both on the financially and extra-financially.

The firm's know-how in financial engineering and negotiation enables it possible to determine the fairest market value. Ama Partners closely coordinates the various parties involved in the audits and discussions right through to the final closing of the transaction.


Buy-side advice

A decisive accompaniment for build-ups: acquisition of shares or business assets.

Ama Partners assists management with the structuring and strategy of external growth. The firm draws up a list of targets according to the criteria set by the client. After an in-depth analysis and approval by the client, Ama Partners contacts the selected companies, and negotiates letters of interest with the management of the selected targets.

The firm’s know-how in structuring external growth transactions enables it to optimise the search for financing, through bank debt and/or equity. Ama Partners advises management during negotiations with the various counterparties and supports them at every stage of the deal right through closing.


Fundraising advice

Strategic advice on fundraising for companies, and access to our network of private and institutional investors.

Ama Partners advises entrepreneurs on structuring their fundraising. The firm produces all the documents required by investors. Beforehand, the firm puts the managers in the right situation to prepare them as well as possible for each pitch. Ama Partners then organizes the meetings with potential investors. The firm negotiates the terms of the investment, and supports its clients at every stage of the transaction, right through to closing.

The firm’s expertise in raising financing is based on some forty successful fundraisings. Ama Partners is highly committed, and works to achieve the best result in each transaction.

Capital reorganisation


Ama Partners advises managers on the most appropriate financial package for each project, whether it involves transferring the company to management, reorganising capital or monetising professional assets.

The firm structures LBO, MBO, OBO transactions. The firm produces the documents sent to the counterparties, sets up the transaction and seeks debt and/or equity financing. Ama Partners assists managers in their choice of partners, based on numerous factors, including extra-financial criteria.

Ama Partners relies on its expertise in financial engineering and its knowledge of the market to offer its clients the optimum solution for each transaction.

Create value for clients, in a personalized manner