Published on: 30-09-2023

Sector: Distribution
Job : Reseller of Apple products
Type of operation : Acquisition
Year of operation : 2023
Company website : cec.com

The company

C&C was founded in 2001 by brothers Michele and Luca Gigli, originally from Puglia. The company is an authorized premium reseller (Apple Premium Reseller – APR) and training specialist for Apple products. C&C manages its 64 stores and service centers in Europe from its eco-designed headquarters in southern Italy. The group was built through external growth in Italy, and today employs more than 650 people in Europe.

The operation

The Ama Partners team met the management of C&C during its first acquisition in France. At this time, at the end of 2021, Ama Partners was mandated by iConcept to carry out the sale of this company. After a competitive process which retained 3 players, C&C made its first transalpine acquisition. Since then, Alienor Partners has supported the international strategic deployment of C&C. The firm was mandated to seek APRs in territories not covered by C&C and structure the financing of the transaction. Symbiose Informatique has 6 points of sale in the Greater West and employs around thirty people. Created in 1991, the company has made several acquisitions, notably in Angers and Cherbourg.


"C&C's internationalization process allows us to extend our brand, widely covering all regions of France, as we have done in Italy over the last twenty years. Our transalpine experience is thus enriched with the skills of new human resources, which are added to the more than 650 already active between Italy and France. As well as by the number of C&C stores, which continues to grow and which will reach 70, not without pride and sacrifices. We are delighted to rely on Ama Partners to help us achieve part of the journey. We appreciate the responsiveness, professionalism and availability of the Ama Partners teams."

Michele Gigli, CEO of C&C

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