Published on: 29-09-2023

Sector : Industry
Job : Food packaging manufacturer
Type of transaction : Transfer
Year of operation : 2023
Company website :

The company

Since 1960, the family business Ambelys has produced and distributed food packaging, mainly to the bakery and pastry sector. The company has been able to adapt to the demand of its market with a personalized offer for stock management and manufacturing relaunch according to the needs of its customers. After several years of growth, and an ambitious strategic plan put in place, the manager wanted to sell his company to an industrialist capable of perpetuating the family company.

The operation

The meeting with the manager of Ambelys allowed us to better understand the issues and thus target the most suitable buyers for the company. The Ama Partners team was mandated to find buyers, structure the sale transaction and defend the interests of the Ambelys manager during all negotiations.

Ambelys selected the offer from the Tini group, which brings together three B2B consumables companies, with its subsidiary Attis. The group was able to convince Ambelys of its business project, relying in particular on their complementarity and economies of scale.


« Ama Partners was very efficient and very professional. The entire process went smoothly as initially planned. The support of the Ama Partners team was of great help during the negotiation periods in order to preserve my interests while maintaining the set course. A successful sale and buyers to whom I wish the greatest success, which I have no doubt about. »

Benjamin Mauri, CEO of Ambelys

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