Published on: 21-03-2024

Sector: Services
Business: Marketing Production Platform SaaS
Type of transaction: Sale
Year of transaction: 2024
Company website:


Galilée, a renowned company with 30 years' experience in deploying cloud-based marketing platforms, has played a key role in the management and deployment of brand content for digital, print and packaging media.

DataSolution, on the other hand, is a 360° web agency with 20 years' experience in e-commerce and Product Information Management (PIM). Today, the agency employs more than 350 people and has achieved a turnover of €35 million.


A major milestone has been reached with the acquisition of Galilée by DataSolution, orchestrated with the support of Ama Partners.

The aim of this strategic operation is to consolidate DataSolution's skills in the fields of PIM and Digital Asset Management (DAM), while expanding its customer base.

The merger reflects DataSolution's commitment to expansion, with the aim of achieving sales of €100m by 2025 and doubling its workforce.


« From a business point of view, the alliance between Data Solution and Galilée was an obvious one, given the extent to which the two companies complemented each other. However, this type of transaction is above all very demanding, in terms of regulatory technicalities and all the related aspects. Being accompanied by experts in the field is essential for the business owner, who needs more than advice - he needs real sparring partners, involved and never short of ideas or solutions to explore. From this point of view, Ama Partners provided me with a wealth of experience throughout the process, while demonstrating unfailing commitment, quality of advice and dedication. It also enabled me to meet the team at Ulysse BDA, who handled all the legal aspects of the deal with the same professionalism. So many reasons to be fully satisfied with our collaboration. »

Arnaud Mazon, CEO of Galilée